The gossip facet of my life.

There are hundreds and hundreds of hard and soft media daily, writing thousands and thousands articles and stories gossiping celebrities in any field that really you cannot even imagine it. Even most of so called serious materials while they become scrutinized, are full of exaggerations and somehow busy making or promoting some celebrities. Celebrity gossip […]

Christianity and Medieval Philosophy, Summarized from the book: “History of Philosophy”, by: Julian Marias

CHRISTIANITY 1. Christianity and Philosophy Christianity marks the most profound division in the history of philosophy; it separates the two great phases of Western thought. However, it would be wrong to think of Christianity as a philosophy; it is something quite different—a religion.  Nor can one speak precisely of “Christian philosophy,” if the adjective “Christian” […]

Clocks can tell you nothing about the real nature of “time.”

Some say 20th-century philosophy began with Edmund Husserl. He invented a new way of looking at the world. He called it “phenomenology”, meaning “how things appear”. Husserl wanted to find a foolproof method of meaning reality. Descartes‘ idea of doubting everything was a big ingredient of his philosophy. Like Descartes, he believed that consciousness is […]

Nietzsche and the Persian

When Nietzsche was a boy he was called “the little pastor”. His father was a Lutheran preacher. He expected to be a clergyman like his father, but at university he began to question his upbringing. He became a professor at the age of 24. He decided that Christianity robbed people of the will to excel. […]

Many avocations but not a vocation!!

 Dear friends, Hello and Respect, There are times when my capacity overflows,  and I have no choice but to relate my problem with you- my patient listeners and dear friends – my audience, and my interlocutors.  At these sort of occasions,  as if I am a frog which needed to come to the water surface to croak […]

Stoicism’s influence on Christianity

Since the Renaissance Stoic ethics and some aspects of the stoic view of nature have attracted those who have found it impossible either to accept Christianity or to lapse into complete atheism. The Stoic sage’s sense of duty, his concern for others, his constancy, his independence of external conditions, and his freedom from irrational impulses […]

Interesting Facts about Chinese Art and Thought

Briefness, Disconnectedness, and Suggestiveness When one begins to read Chinese philosophical works, the first impression one gets is perhaps the briefness and disconnectedness of the sayings and writings of their authors. Open the Confucian Analects and you will see that each paragraph consists of only a few words, and there is hardly any connection between […]

To you, what is “Reality”?

See what Immanuel Kant says about it. Immanuel Kant was a man of habit, living his life to a precise routine. Townsfolk used to set their watches by his afternoon walk, as he followed the same route at the same time every day. One day he stayed in to read a book and people were […]

Do you believe in the existence of “Soul”?

See what are the ideas of a couple of the most well-known Greek philosophers about it. Aristotle distinguished between three types of soul in order to indicate the three different ways a body can be organized. He called these the vegetative, sensitive, and rational souls. They represent various capacities of a body for activity, the […]

“Mermaid = Fish + Woman”

The Scottish thinker David Hume wanted to bring philosophy to its senses. He scoffed at so-called human reason. Like John Locke, Hume believed that people knew of the world began with the senses. He set out to discover whether there was any real proof  of those things that people took for granted. Hume’s questioning of […]