Many avocations but not a vocation!!

name card Dear friends, Hello and Respect,
There are times when my capacity overflows,  and I have no choice but to relate my problem with you- my patient listeners and dear friends – my audience, and my interlocutors.  At these sort of occasions,  as if I am a frog which needed to come to the water surface to croak and inhale fresh air to save itself from suffocating. It’s a cry, not for help. I beg for your commiseration. I know how you are kind and compassionate.  Be patient! I will  open it up in a minute or two.

Anyone of you who have already read the page “About me“, knows that it is about ten years that I haven’t had any formal job, at least not one which I was interested to be known of, cos of the big changes in my life and expectations. For ages people, especially business persons and academic ones, in any interactions , in conferences, and specialized fairs and exhibitions, asked me if I had my own  business card or to exchange one. But please understand me. How could you present your special dish without your required recipes? How long I would be capable of delivering a double-sided answer that “I am sorry, I have none with me today”? I should honestly reply that I hadn’t any and bear the shame of lacking one. I am quite sure that not all of them believe my white lie and saved me of awkwardness.

rumiYou might say its wasn’t a big problem. I had two masters degrees from two well-known universities, be current Ph.D. student at another top university, some vocational  and training program certificates, and loads of skills and capabilities which both sides a normal card are poor enough to bear all these even with smallest font. No, you’re wrong. I have already declared loudly that I am not my credentials. Besides, they lacked conformity with my dreams and what I like people know me of.

I wonder, I’d rather to say you wonder, why I put this long introduction  to explain how I solved my problem, more adequately to mention how I cured my long-lasting disease.  Yes, yesterday I came up with an idea to have a name card, not a business card,  and put my most precious possessions names, instruments with which I communicate with you , dears.  I just put my website name and email address. Plus I added my real avocations cos I still had no vocation. I know it’s far from being professional. Please advise me or just  accept it as “something imperfect is better than nothing.”thanks


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