“Losing your girlfriend”, joy or sorrow?

Neither Mr Simpleton nor his family will ever forget about the chunk money that he spent it all in his first three months staying in Phuket. Most of it smoked with buying birthday gifts for newly acquainted girls that he still can’t figure out why all of their birthday dates were not more than a week […]

Feeling awesome, honest, and ugly!

Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving night, and enjoyed your dinner having Turkey, or whatever country of your taste. You, millions of my blog visitors and my followers, I wish I had. Hello! Hello, I don’t really know what time it is now but it is certainly after daybreak. I […]

Dating a Thai nymph

It’s wrong to say “my friend”, better to say Daniel’s. Sijitra was actually a child-lover petite lady whom Daniel, my 2-year boy, was interested in like his own mother. They found each other in the neighboring park where every other evening I was strolling Daniel to meet up with his playmates. She seemed bright and […]

Delicious troublemaker

“Dirty but Delicious” or “Clean but Awful”? Which one would you prefer? There were a canteen and a restaurant in our campus where I was taking my MBA course. The food in canteen, taste and diversity, could satisfy whichever palate you had. Besides, it was easy to order for international students, tongue-tied of not-easy-to-learn Thai […]

Which one is your real birthday?

Hi mates! My fellow single male travellers! Let me share with you something important that I wrote on my birthday, June 22. You might have a strict manifesto to stay away from superficial girls and sex-workers, not for communicating in places like bars or…but to sleep with. Simply because of being against your values or […]

Driving on the left

Dear tourists, car-driving lovers in other countries, Hi! Back to my home village, I mean our country, I was vigilant not to violate new rule which would face cellphone users during driving with a big fine. What dared me to break that law, regardless of price, was my worriedness about my son who had a high […]

Welcome to my website

Hello, Hello, Hello, Welcome to my  brand new website, “Morad Nazari“.  It’s in my name. My goal is expressing myself, my expertise, and my views through essays & stories. I am going to give everyone who walks by the website a glimpse into my life experience. I don’t intend this mission to be monolog but a dialogue. I would […]