Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website
Welcome to my website

Hello, Hello, Hello,

Welcome to my  brand new website, Morad Nazari It’s in my name. My goal is expressing myself, my expertise, and my views through essays & stories. I am going to give everyone who walks by the website a glimpse into my life experience. I don’t intend this mission to be monolog but a dialogue. I would like you to give me the feedback in the comments section. I will read any single comment and respond as I am able. The brief characteristics of my website will be as follow:

“Morad Nazari” is a storyteller. It is the raconteur of experiences from adventures, travels, and ultimately life journey of the writer and ones who have shared with him. It makes the most of the experiences. It doesn’t report the whole adventures but the elixir of it, the part of which worthwhile to share with you to red, here, or watch, entertaining and educating, as I agree to the saying that our life is just the parts that worth telling others. 

 “Morad Nazari” utilizes stories, for as long as we can remember stories have been the way that we connect to each other as humans, the way we influence one another, affect one another, and persuade one another. Its goal is breaking down cultural borders and helps create more tolerant connected loving world. It doesn’t judge any religion or culture. It sees just differences and look at them all with curiosity and respect. It looks for any element of fun or wisdom in anything. It’s open mind.

“Morad Nazari”  considers himself as a curious engaged interested global citizen. He travels, exposes himself to new ideas, new people, and new cultures. Travel taught him that the whole world is one big family, we are kin. With sharing stories, he is hoping those who read them may begin to recognize the commonalities of the world’s people and they may begin to reject prejudice, bigotry, and apathy. 

“Morad Nazari” examines the subjects which interested in or passionate about, objective or purely subjective, through the lens of itself. It’s a conversation with you, the visitor, and it might come to a conclusion you may agree or disagree. No subject matter is forbidden and it could be any turning-point in life, a milestone, or adversity.

“Morad Nazari” contains personal essays, based on personal experiences in which the writer has gained significant meaning, insight, or a learned lesson. It, however, tries not to lecture, sermonize, or moralize. Although it has written in the first person (“I” point-of-view), the contents might not be sheer experiences of him. In an attempt to respect others, the writer narrates the stories even from others as a kind of self-disclosure and makes a fool of himself, employs a naïve hypothetical character called “Mr. Simpleton” in some situations, yet some may seem offensive somehow sometimes. So, the writer calls for your forgiveness in advance.

Thanks for visiting