The gossip facet of my life.

Picture no. 1There are hundreds and hundreds of hard and soft media daily, writing thousands and thousands articles and stories gossiping celebrities in any field that really you cannot even imagine it. Even most of so called serious materials while they become scrutinized, are full of exaggerations and somehow busy making or promoting some celebrities.
Celebrity gossip is hotter among movie stars and their books of private lives turn over more compare to any other field. Some compelled to offer public apology, lose film opportunities, and even hide themselves for a while. On the other hand,  some earn more and bigger movie roles. However, it does not matter who flies upper or who falls down, the media sell their products. It is like  casinos in which no matter who wins or lose, the owners make money.
Moreover, we are interested in shopping in celebrity gossip market and keep it hotter and hotter. The reason is when we are gossiping about somebody, we are not just talking about somebody else, we are talking about ourselves. People often read books to search themselves and find someone who agrees with them. They are not interested in anything that is not about thems or somehow shows or reflects some sides or facets of their own personalities, let it be a book , or magazine, a movie, or so on and so forth.
Picture no. 2There are rumours going round about me as well, luckily I am not well known. Let’s start with the story of this  couple of  photographs I have posted here. I posted them with a few more photographs from the same event on my Facebook profile about six moths ago, for I liked them as I am not so photogenic usually. I got comments and received messages of congrats from many of my friends some even complaining of my wedding party without their presence. I gave them right. An inadvertently mistake had made my friends confused. So, I prepared a short text and posted on the top of related album, apologized and explained:

“Dear friends, These pictures are really not from my own wedding. In fact they have been taken from an event to promote “The Senses Resort Phuket”  as a wedding party venue and I have played a role of bride groom for a few hours in order to some pictures taken to show in hotel’s website. My partaking was just to help a classmate of mine from our MBA course as she was in charge of marketing of related place. I even mentioned the group picture as a proof. Therefore I am really apologizing”.

But it did not worked. How did I find out? It was easy, some :”unfriend” ed me and some still don’t answer my Hello…. At last I took them from my profile as I like my friends, affection more than showing my photographs on that social media.Picture no. 3

MBA classmatesMy MBA Course is Quite unforgettable. I was the twentieth accepted student and the only male of that batch at first semester, but for a year and a half I thought that we were a couple male, until in a field trip to where we all had to stay a night in a home stay village far away from Phuket. After staying awake late and playing cards I had been odd out as usual to go to my room and I was expecting the same to happen to another male. His calmness and saying good-bye to me so instigated my jealousy that I related the discrimination with friends the day after. It turned out that she was a tom boy.

daniel6Poor me, if I knew it earlier I probably could get “A” from Marketing subject instead of “B+”, because one of the questions was about the name of our classmates and writing a sentence about them. I am sure that Professor Kaye Chon, our marketing lecturer had noticed my mistake while I had addressed her by pronoun “He”… Anyway, I miss all my classmates, hope they are doing well and wishing all of them success in life and love. (The boy with green shirt in this picture is my good Chinese friend and our senior).
There were used to be rumours going round that I had affairs with one of my classmates. But both of us always laughing at those baseless comments as she knew my girlfriend  and my little son  Daniel. See how he is  happy in this picture. Anyway the life here is really different from the one in my village in which even simple relationship between opposite genders is the same as smoking in gas station.
The combination of students in our Ph. D. class is not less interesting. What made it more interesting for me, is the presence of three Burmese Buddhist monks. we made friends from the very first day. From the gossip aspect of my life I can say that unfortunately they are not active in the affair of connecting opposite genders, as usually the monks of our village busy with, but there is ample luck here, and thanks God that they are not your competitors themselves in this affair, as our own are.Picture no. 6Picture no. 5

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