“Losing your girlfriend”, joy or sorrow?

20140323_171106-225x300[1]Neither Mr Simpleton nor his family will ever forget about the chunk money that he spent it all in his first three months staying in Phuket. Most of it smoked with buying birthday gifts for newly acquainted girls that he still can’t figure out why all of their birthday dates were not more than a week after their acquaintances. After getting broke, he finally decided to forget about sexy bar ladies and got a working girlfriend so that he compromised about the physical beauty of her partner with her low money expectations. His new partner isn’t more than five feet tall but weighed more than two hundred pounds and is a long way from pretty.

What happened today that he needed police assistance and spent all his evening in police station? The story started when a pretty lady in a crowded shopping mall blinked at him mid-afternoon today. He hid himself behind a pillar so that his girlfriend lost track of him. It took him an hour to realize that the pretty lady was really a sex-worker in search of his money. Once more he got disappointed with himself. This even reminded him of unpleasant experience that usually tormenting him. With his mind busy making a story up to convince his partner, he went back looking for her. But he found no sign of her and about half an hour searching was useless. Finally, he decided to get some help from police.

At police station he had a big problem explaining his girlfriend’s appearance to the young policeman filling out a form and talking in a walkie-talkie in Thai language as his Thai vocabulary was hardly ever been more than twenty words. At last the young policeman drew a sketch of his own girlfriend as an example to instruct him to do the same. The drawing was a beautiful tall sexy body that made Simpleton speechless for some moment. Forget about my girlfriend! Let’s go look for yours! shouted Simpleton so that his voice could have been heard miles away. Before the young policeman getting out of surprise for what has Simpleton just said, another policeman came in addressing Simpleton’s girlfriend striding across the station yard, in the company of two police officers. “You can see there is nothing to worry about mr Simpleton”, said the senior officer.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that dearie. You got lost through no fault of my own”, said Simpleton soothing her partner. It was obvious he had little success mollifying his girlfriend. Then he took the opportunity to express his thanks for police assistance and got closer to the young policeman whispering in his ear whether he need Simpleton’s help to find his sexy girlfriend. Don’t make me cuff you! Replied the young policeman.