Delicious troublemaker

Thai-food-218x300[1]“Dirty but Delicious” or “Clean but Awful”? Which one would you prefer?

There were a canteen and a restaurant in our campus where I was taking my MBA course. The food in canteen, taste and diversity, could satisfy whichever palate you had. Besides, it was easy to order for international students, tongue-tied of not-easy-to-learn Thai language. All you had to do to point at your favorite meals in the showcase. However, some stray dogs could usually parade between tables as well, and apart from the diseases they could convey, it wasn’t a pleasant thing touched by or served close to them, at least for me.

On the other hand, the restaurant was a clean and classy place, but you could have the nightmare of ending up with a useless dish as you had to order by yourself. Moreover, it was the place that the teachers had their meals. What was wrong with that? Yeah, it is a universal attitude, you are reluctant to be confronted your teachers the place other than classrooms, no matter which age you are. At the very least you had to be smart dressed.

I preferred “Dirty and Delicious” as always do. How about you? To be honest, one of the reasons I am reluctant to leave Thailand is for its great food. I agree fully with some food and beverage scholars, gourmets in particular, who claim that Thailand is the “Kitchen of the world”.

Why? See how Mr Simpleton made a great witness. Read his story hereunder!

His weight almost doubled in first year of living in the “Land of smile” and it seemed he couldn’t enter his room any more if things kept going on the same way. There he is, alive and available to those of you who still suspect the idea. You might not know him at first glance as he has become a caricature of that Simpleton you already knew.

The situation made me and another couple of friends of his worry about his health. We arranged a meeting with him and he peppered us with justifications: “Walking to work or college is socially not acceptable in Thai culture”, “The weather is too hot to have any activity in open air”, “Streets and alleys are not pedestrian-friendly”, “Fitness clubs cost a fortune”, and so on and so forth. But he was unable to make a secret that the number of his meals increased from three to five daily and that’s why we figured out that the main guilty was Thai food. Nevertheless, we were lucky to be able finally to convince him to see a doctor at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Here is what happened next:

The doctor suggested two alternatives; either taking chemical medication or sportive aproach. “Oh doctor! I used to be terrible at chemistry in high school, besides, many ladies whom I asked to have a date, they rejected my offer because of lack of any magic chemistry. So, please prescribe sportive one, although I hate srtenuous exercises”, he articulated. His answer planted a huge look of surprise on doctor’s face. Her mouth and eyes grew wider and wider unable to move for a moment. Then she couldn’t help chuckling as it was resonated with our burst to laugh.

The doctor advised him to take a regular walking and jogging, 5km daily, for a hundred days. “I can guarantee you will lose most of your extra weight and get into shape again. Plus you should cut your extra meals”, explained doctor. “One more thing”, doctor went on. “You may feel pain in your muscles during first week. Please don’t give up”. “Thanks doctor to let me know this, I hate body pain. But no worries! I will start the second week”. The doctor exploded with laugh and thanked him for making her day. She grew interest in Simpleton, wished him to get his health back soon, and gave him her private cellphone number in case he needed any help.

Yesterday was the due date, about a hundred days since Simpleton met her life saver doctor. He called her for the first time. “Hello doctor! How will I ever thank you? Without your help I would have never get fit again. But for my never-ending bad luck I got another problem.” “What happened Mr. Simpleton?” The doctor implored. “I walked 5km daily for a hundred days and I am about 500km away from home. I can’t find my home now. Please help me”, sobed Simpleton. “Where on earth are you now?” doctor shouted.