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My name is Morad Nazari. I am from Iran, in Middle East. My native language is Persian. I was born  in a village, countryside of the city “Khoramabad”, the capital of Lorestan province, in which I grew up and had my school educations. I left my hometown for study at university in Tehran, the capital of Iran, where I lived there until 2010, when I started travelling. I can’t really help myself getting surprised when nobody knows our village as we think it is the centre of universe, let alone the globe, and we think that all over the world always watching our local TV programs!! We believed that our Village has a so long history that originates from myriads before “Big Bang”. It seemed weird but true!!!khoram

Some  facts about me

  Back to my school time, I was that kid that seemed to be good at mathematics and I was extremely fascinated by the universe and astronomy especially at late high school years. Even now the documentaries about space, planets and galaxies are the only type of my interest. Shortly after high school, being idle at military service was the big opportunity to ponder who I was. I found out some facts about myself. I am equally introvert and extrovert and I can blend into any culture and any group of people as it was I that always catch the accent of my friends and the people around me. I haven’t been a morning person, I am not, and I can’t even pretend to be. To be honest, it has cost me more than a couple of good jobs. This is one of the reasons that I have never thought about being an employee. Another fact that I found out about myself during the service as a navy soldier on the coasts of Caspian Sea in the north and Persian Gulf in the south, was that I love the beach, I need the beach and I love to be at the beach.

My dreams

In the time period of my life when I still didn’t know who I was, I had a dream to be a king. Although I gave it up soon as it would be dangerous for not having enough trustful men of my own! A long interval between high school and university provided me with an opportunity to get acquainted with the literature and read a great deal of books, novels in particular. Being a great writer, travel all over the world (who does not?),  speak to large crowds of people, listen to my message eagerly became my dream. Finally, see the countries  where own these colourful flags.


 My languages

Since then I developed an interest to learn other languages to read the originals rather than just to get good marks in exams. Moreover, there is no such thing as language awareness for travel lovers. Although I took a course in French for a year later on, Russian for six months, and fundamental Thai recently, English has always been my second language. I am actually good at learning languages as my very best job was teaching English as well. Pluuuuus, my dream is to write in English .

My family

Our extended family, God bless them all,  is so big that young couples hardly afford to invite them all to their wedding parties. I do love them very much. My life will lose a big chunk of its meaning without any of them. They are warm and caring. Their interests and expectations used to influenced my decisions so that in contrast to my big dream, I followed my higher education, as well as, the career path of being an engineer. I am a father of two boys, Diako and Daniel.











My education and works

I got both my bachelor and master’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. I worked as a junior researcher in an engineering research centre, where I conducted my master’s thesis, for two years.  My second job in engineering field was in a government-owned factory as manager of  tool design department.  Neither of jobs lasted more than two years before I started being a self employed. My entrepreneurship was started by registering a company as a producer of auto metal parts for lorry. I worked as managing director of my own small company until in 2010 which I changed my direction to business and I took a MBA course specialized in Tourism & hospitality at Prince of Songkla University (Phuket campus).  Then, at last, finally, (I promise not to change again!!) I found what I really want and interested in academically. Right now I am studying at Assumption University in Bangkok, to get my Ph.D. degree in Philosophy & Religion.

orlentation day

Turning point on my life

 My life went on not perfect but convenient until an evening the phone rang and my sister in law was giving me the worst news of my life after a short introduction with crying. My younger brother and my best friend, passed away, and that wasn’t the only bad news of millennium as my family life was shipwrecked as well in the year 2001. The outcomes of these events and their ramifications had great impacts so that it made me a real sick. I couldn’t go to my job as before and I needed to assess my past life, every aspect of it. I realized that I am not my credentials university degrees, nor my role in my profession or in the family. I knew that my answer to those events would be making or breaking. I needed recovery and new plans and making big decisions.

healed by the Dr. Time
I healed by the Dr. “Time” and grew old

Since then my life and my career path changed dramatically. I started to follow the forgotten dreams. I said good-bye to my engineering background, sold out machinery and other stuff of my small factory. I began reading again without interruption, doing meditation and exercise, and more importantly, gave up smoking. With an extended passport and a few debit cards in hand, I packed a back-sack to carry my possession on my shoulder, the lighter the better, without itinerary but trusted my instinct.

Second homeland

 Having experience being to France, Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Syria and Lebanon before 2001, I started exploring Ukraine and Russia in Eastern Europe. Then I headed to some South Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore). It was in Phuket in southern Thailand that I started new life and made it a base to explore South Asia more. Phuket, the places were thousands of miles and a major culture gap away from my home village, became my second homeland, not officially of course. It became a place where a part of my heart is belong to forever. I am talking about little Daniel, my beloved little son.second homeland

Following old dream 

Even though I followed a career of engineering and my nuclear and extended family got most of my time, I always dreamed of placing some value on being equally right and left handed brain. Throughout my life till now I have read many books of all kind and have written a handful of stories, articles and bios in my mother tongue (Persian) until eventually I came up with this blog for some reasons as follow:

  • I had enough money to survive. So, I decided to follow my real dreams without any fear. I needed more of my life.I wanted to fulfil my sick fancy that I hate to be normal. 
  • I had accumulated enough knowledge and experience to achieve my goals. At the very least I had the base to get any other degree in six months particularly with the help of Youtube.
  • I have wanted to write something for a while, but wanting and writing are not the same. With weblog’s help, I just might do it.
  • sibIt was sin to wait any more. Reading, thinking, talking, and procrastinating about my dream was enough. It was time to take action.
  • I felt the responsibility to share my experience and knowledge with others through any material I am going to share with my audience.
  • Finally, I wanted to talk to the largest crowd possible, to the world and taste the glob.

 My vision
I toured you to my life and my dreams. To sum up, apart from my goofy side I am realistic, romantic, expert, experienced, funny, lovely (???, yeah, my sisters think so, LOL)… Yeah, a bit of all. I believe that even fun should educate us.  I am a life-long learner, can read between the lines, and consider myself intelligent. I have a positive mindset and I see everybody as a potential partner, not a competitor. Nevertheless, I should confess that I have never been the best at anything , except treating friends, laughing,… and a million other things that still I am going to explore them (LOL).

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