Which one is your real birthday?

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

Hi mates! My fellow single male travellers! Let me share with you something important that I wrote on my birthday, June 22.

You might have a strict manifesto to stay away from superficial girls and sex-workers, not for communicating in places like bars or…but to sleep with. Simply because of being against your values or for whatever reason of your own, you don’t want to add to the $100 billion annual revenue generated by this industry. The legal status of prostitution, also referred as “the world’s oldest profession”, varies from country to country, from being permissible but unregulated to an enforced or unenforced crime or to a regulated profession. However, there might be many reasons you should respect the ladies work in this profession officially but let me focus on one. Here is the story:

You might be delighted and proud of yourself making a partner who merely interested in you for you, not  your money, and she hasn’t uttered these familiar question “How much do you pay me?” Then you find her enthusiastic to have a meal with you soon and during your conversation she make you understand that that day or maximum the day after is her birthday and you are the host and the guest both.  And after her birthday party, receiving her gift with joy, you exchange useless phone numbers and a sheepish see-you-soon. she has no more time for you. You can’t even imagine how many times she had, or will, this kind of birthday party this year. Then you understand why you should respect those who are in the profession officially.

In another scenario she grow interest to your generous wallet  and her phone number is not useless for a while. Then you sleep with her without protecting yourself. Why? Because you think she is  different from another category. Time will pass and you will figure out that just their marketing strategy were different. And for whatever reason, one could be reading an article or news about the census of HIV positives among ladies working in that area, you find your way to a laboratory to check yourself.

It takes at least a few days to get the result and you are not at ease in this period. You are full of remorse for having had that experience. You find yourself facing hundreds of “what can I do if” questions. You keep throwing out “what ifs”, for instance, what if I have thrown myself out of the game forever? It becomes a real nightmare so that you hate yourself. Worst ever possible scenarios parade in your mind,  and all these drive you mad.

Then the due date, when you eventually receive the result showing that you are “negative”, you have a sigh of relief.  Thank God! You feel you were born again. You invite yourself a drink and celebrate your new birthday event. “Today is my real birthday”, you tell yourself.