“Friendship or Love” sumarrised from the book: “Nicomachean Ethics”, by: Aristotle

BOOK VIII: FRIENDSHIP OR LOVE 1.: Uses of friendship. Differences of opinions about it. Aristotle argues that  friendship is a sort of virtue, or at least implies virtue. He believes that no one would care to live without friends, even though he had all other good things, as well as power and authority,

Kingly government, Aristocracy, and Timocracy: Their perversion and corresponding forms of friendship

1) Aristotle’s idea on the three forms of constitution :  There are three kinds of constitutions, and an equal number of perverted forms, which are, so to speak, corruptions of these. Constitutions proper are kingly government,  aristocracy, and timocracy. Timocracy is a form of government based upon an assessment of property, though most people are […]