Stoicism: Go with the flow!

  Stoics believed that they were part of a divine plan and that whatever happened was meant to be. Stoics got their name because Zeno taught from a porch (stoa in Greek). To the stoics, a good life meant a virtuous one. They refused to be ruled by their feelings, because emotions just got in the way […]

Epicureanism: Don’t worry! Be happy!

 ATOMISM & HEDONISM Epicureans thought human existence was just a random groupings of atoms that fell apart after death. Their motto was “don’t worry, be happy”. Epicurus tries to construct a system of simple, coherence, and plausible principles. he is a hedonist who regards the fear of death as the most dangerous source of fear, […]

An interesting “Puzzle”

One Friday a professor announced to her class that on one of their five meeting days during the next week, she would administer to them a surprise quiz. The class would not know which of the five days it would take place until the morning in which it was actually to be given. One of her […]

Aristotle’s big mistake

Its relation with the Church Aristotle studied with Plato for twenty years. He thought that Plato’s world of perfect forms was perfect nonsense and these perfect forms were part of life, not apart from it. Studying nature convinced him that everything was striving towards its own unique form of perfection.he knew that all acorns were potential […]