Feeling awesome, honest, and ugly!

Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving night, and enjoyed your dinner having Turkey, or whatever country of your taste. You, millions of my blog visitors and my followers, I wish I had. Hello! Hello, I don’t really know what time it is now but it is certainly after daybreak. I […]

Dating a Thai nymph

It’s wrong to say “my friend”, better to say Daniel’s. Sijitra was actually a child-lover petite lady whom Daniel, my 2-year boy, was interested in like his own mother. They found each other in the neighboring park where every other evening I was strolling Daniel to meet up with his playmates. She seemed bright and […]

Delicious troublemaker

“Dirty but Delicious” or “Clean but Awful”? Which one would you prefer? There were a canteen and a restaurant in our campus where I was taking my MBA course. The food in canteen, taste and diversity, could satisfy whichever palate you had. Besides, it was easy to order for international students, tongue-tied of not-easy-to-learn Thai […]

Which one is your real birthday?

Hi mates! My fellow single male travellers! Let me share with you something important that I wrote on my birthday, June 22. You might have a strict manifesto to stay away from superficial girls and sex-workers, not for communicating in places like bars or…but to sleep with. Simply because of being against your values or […]

Driving on the left

Dear tourists, car-driving lovers in other countries, Hi! Back to my home village, I mean our country, I was vigilant not to violate new rule which would face cellphone users during driving with a big fine. What dared me to break that law, regardless of price, was my worriedness about my son who had a high […]